Building Inner Strength through self acceptance and love
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Self-Acceptance Workshop for Children
Fee: $30, Sibling Fee:$10

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Tuesday, August 22nd, 5:30-7:00PM
For Ages 5-12

Location: Kent Island Library
Address: 200 Library Circle, Stevensville, MD - 21666

Parenting with Awareness
Workshop Topic: 'Understanding the Self as a Key to Understanding Our Children'
Fee: $30
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Wednesday, August 2nd, 6:00-7:00PM

Location: Prince of Peace Presbytarian Church
Address: 1657 Crofton Pkwy, Crofton, MD- 21114

Tuesday, August 15th, 6:00-7:00PM

Location: Kent Island Library
Address: 200 Library Circle, Stevensville, MD - 21666


Self-Acceptance Workshop for Children

- Our workshops are designed to give children a clear understanding of their thoughts and emotions- where they come from and what to do with them. We talk about all range of emotions, from joy and compassion to deep sadness and hatred.

- All emotions are to be felt, not ignored in any way. We teach the simplest possible tools for children to help accept all emotions as valid and not something to be feared and avoided. Once they develop emotional awareness within, compassion and tolerance towards themselves and others occur as a natural result.

- We teach 'self-awareness' through walking meditation, affirmative meditations and practising stillness within. Children need to learn how to trust their feelings and intuitive perceptions of the moment in order to stay safe and make choices from a place of authenticity.

- Success in career depends upon our ability to concentrate and focus on any strain of thought, idea or problem. Children are faced with constant distractions in today's world. Through 'practising stillness' (we start with a minute) children retain and develop their ability to focus on any given or chosen task. The ability to be still helps the brain to be calm and focused. This, in turn, leads to success in whatever the child undertakes - in childhood or later on in life, in his career.

- All our workshops for children are taught in the presence of parent, grandparent or a guardian; with some participation.

- We divide children of different ages in groups and do age-appropriate activities with them.

- Children are sure to have fun while learning life-altering concepts through interesting acivities!


Parenting with Awareness Workshop
Workshop Topic: 'Understanding the Self as a Key to Understanding Our Children.'

- Exploring the experience and development of personality traits in a child's journey.

- Developing a deeper sense of emotional awareness, which leads to acceptance of the present moment without judgment. This very directly helps our ability to parent with understanding, acceptance and peace in our hearts and mind.

- It is essential for us as parents to understand where our present patterns of thinking, behaving, acting and reacting come from. How much of it was us and how much we absorbed from the environment that was around us(including TV shows and movies we watched) while we were growing up; and how much of it we are still absorbing? When we can watch and observe our thoughts and actions throughout the day, we also develop the ability to choose our thinking and behavior patterns each moment. When children are taught these concepts from an early age, they grow up with the awareness that they do have a choice in what patterns of thinking and behaving they wish to create for themselves. Subconscious programming of the brain to observe their thoughts and actions is essential for developing an authentic personality. When self-analysis becomes a habit the door to self-improvement opens and stays wide open!

- Participants get to do some fun informative exercises to help deepen the understanding of the concepts presented.


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