4 week summer program for Self-Acceptance and Love for Children (with a parent) , I am strong and courageous
For children to create meaningful and fulfilling lives for themselves, we need to equip them with some much needed tools in today's fast paced, often confusing, and very demanding cultureWe teach simple tools for: Increasing Focus, Choosing Uplifting thoughts & positive actions, rechanneling energy, developing self-discipline, and connecting to inner brilliance6-week summer programs, Intro Workshops, Parent Workshops

How does the program help children and why is it offered with a parent?

In order to address the need of bringing in calmness and compassion towards oneself and others (prevents bullying and being bullied), we teach courses in 'Self Acceptance and Love' for children. However, our work cannot be fully assimilated in the child's psyche unless the same principles they learn with us are applied at home also. The practical and psychological tools learned in our workshops can be much more easily applied to practical situations arising at home or school, when the application of these tools has been developed into habit through daily practice. That is why a parent, grandparent, a guardian, foster parent, or any influential adult in the child's life is meant to attend the course with the child.

In short, our workshops teach children to be kinder to themselves, use their creative abilities, get in touch with their special talents and help create lives of peace, joy and happiness within themselves.


We also offer Parent Workshops throughout the year in different locations, and on request. In order for children to be helped, the parents need to deeply understand what creates self-acceptance and self-love in children in a natural way. The workshops allow the parents to learn these concepts from their own experience and point of view. When dealing with everyday emotions become easier, the everyday experience of a family naturally becomes more joyful.


Why is the program about self-acceptance and love?

Every aspect of our lives emerges out of our sense of 'Self'. Our capacity and strategies to deal with life's challenges depend upon the awareness of this Self.

Our perceptions of who we are defines how we think and act in all our relationships, the partners we choose, the kind of lives we build, houses we live in, how we are with our neighbors, how we use the internet, social media and how we conduct businesses and much more.

Every fiber of society is touched and created by how each individual feels about himself and herself and how much capacity he brings to understand and care for others' needs.

Children, when taught to understand and accept their emotions without judging them as good or bad, extend the same level of understanding and acceptance to others experiencing and expressing their emotions. The same applies to love. When they love themselves exactly the way they are, they are more likely to give the same non-judgemental love to others.

The concepts we teach in our classes are presented in very simple ways to children so they can be easily grasped and understood.



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